MacBook Pro’s Battery Problems and Fixes

MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro owners gave Apple a run for their money when they would constantly file complaints about their flagship device’s battery problems. Many reviewers had it tough to test the MacBook Pro to its full capacity as the promised 10 hours of continuous battery life turned out to be around five to six instead.

Apple’s response to this issue was to update the macOS to 10.12.2, an update that disabled the function of showing an estimate on how much longer the battery is going to last, removing indicators of the hours and minutes left before the device would shut down by itself.

The MacBook Pro has so many power plans available that the CPU and GPU’s power consumption cannot be constantly monitored thus making it impossible of coming up with an ETA on the battery’s remaining life.

Removing the indicator though did not solve any problem, in fact it actually made it worse because users couldn’t help but feel annoyed. This delicate removal of the indicator has led however to an increase in battery output despite contrary belief and methods used in order to achieve that.

Reports show that 2016 MacBook Pro devices come close to the nine to ten hours of battery life expectancy thanks to third-party monitoring software including the likes of Coconut Battery that comprises a power map showing where the power is being stored. Some say initial power demand that focuses on the idle mode is at fault while other specialists blame a sudden drop in power for whatever reason, from 6 watts to fewer than 4 representing a great save in power.

Apple is yet to announce an issue regarding the battery life of its MacBook Pro.  This problem is however easily solvable via third-party apps but it puts a company’s reputation such as Apple’s at stake.

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