MacBook Pro – Battery Life Enhanced with macOS Sierra 10.12.2 update

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The MacBook Pro is notorious for having battery issues, all of the device’s reviews included this information and that lead to a decline in sales percentages. Luckily, Apple has taken note of their customer feedback and developed a software update that enhances the battery life alongside other GPU glitches. The macOS Sierra 10.12.2 update was rolled out just in time because Apple fans were set on switching their platform to Microsoft’s Surface notebook.

Apple used a third party app named coconutBattery which excels in optimizing battery life. Once the update is installed, users will be able to instantly see the battery life timer change from 5 hours to 9-10 hours and that with mixed usage. Worth mentioning is that owners of the device can use Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity while having 60 percent brightness and the battery will last up to ten hours, but if the users decide to start up an app that uses a lot of CPU power, the battery life will go down.

If Apple didn’t act quickly and released this software update in time, most of their fan base would have opted for a Microsoft notebook instead especially since all tech experts were bashing Apple for installing a weak battery on such an expensive gadget. This makes everyone wonder why Apple didn’t use coconutBattery from the beginning and enhance the battery life. Nonetheless, it’s great seeing that Apple takes customer feedback serious and does its best to fix bugs and issues. Also the 13 inch MacBook Pro variant is the one that gets 10 hours of battery lifetime with mixed usage. The 15 inch variant has also received the update, but it’s not as effective because the display uses more power.

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