Kingdom Hearts 3 Best Weapons and Techniques Confirmed


The Kingdom Hearts franchise managed to gather huge fan following over time and right now every single fan is trying to figure out what features will the next game installment bring. It all started with Kingdom Heart 3’s trailer that showcased Sora’s new weapons and cool fighting techniques. The main problem fans have right now is that Square Enix and Disney, the game’s developers, are keeping their mouths shut and not releasing any additional details.

Reports are showing that Kingdom Hearts 3 is the most anticipated game that’s going to be released in 2017 because the game’s fan following is spread all over the world, especially in North America and Japan. The game’s trailer teased one of the new game mechanics that will be implemented in such as the wall running and jumping ability. This new technique will surely make Sora more versatile and agile. Another feature showcased in the trailer was Sora’s ability to combine his powers with Donald and Goofy. The game’s fan community is still keeping their eyes wide open and paying close attention in hopes of finding out about new game features.

The game is said to include never seen before Disney worlds and two of those worlds might be the world from Big Hero 6 and the Rapunzel world. Reportedly an Evil version of Baymax will appear in Kingdom Hearts 3, and according to rumors Rapunzel will also be featured in the game. What we know right now is that the game’s main story line will revolve around Sora’s quest of finding the sever guardians of light and defeating Master Xehanort while all of this will probably lead to a new Keyblade war.

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