iPad Pro 2 Release Date in March 2017

iPad Pro 2 Release Date

According to rumors, Apple will unveil their new iPad Pro 2 in the first quarter of 2017 during the company’s March event. The tablet is surrounded by rumors and all of them point out that the iPad Pro 2 will be Apple’s new premium tablet because of the amount of high end hardware and features it will sport. Tech experts are speculating that Apple will equip the tablet with a huge OLED display and an A10X processor alongside many other new features.

The upcoming 2017 iPad Pro 2 will be available in the 9.7 inch, 10.5 inch and 12.9 inch variants. The price of the tablet will be influenced by the size chosen by the customers. Apple fans are speculating that the 9.7 inch and 10.5 inch variants will sport the same model while the 12.9 inch variant which will is the premium one will being thicker in comparison with the other versions.

Tech experts already released reports that show Apple is more than likely to power the tablet with an A10X processor that will be coupled with the standard 4GB of RAM. In the storage department, the device will be equipped with 128GB of internal memory that users will probably be able to expand it even higher. On another note, the tablet will ship with a new OLED display that’s designed so that it emits its own light thus leading to a longer battery life. The addition of an OLED display is the best move Apple can make because their older IPS LCD display has gotten kind of old.

On the other hand, Apple is installing a 12MP main camera and a 5MP selfie camera. Both cameras will come with true tone flash and 4K video recording capabilities. What’s worth mentioning is that the tablet was expected to run on iOS 10, but now seeing that its date got delayed it will probably come with iOS 11 out of the box.

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