iPad Pro 2 Latest Details Surfaced Online

iPad Pro 2

It is believed that with Apple’s launch of the iPad Pro 2 the tech giant is aiming to replace its iPad Air and iPad Mini series. Three different variants are to be made available for Apple enthusiasts.

Sporting 10.9-inch and 7.9 variants means that iPad Pro 2 will come with a sleek design with no home button.  The latter will be the same size as the current iPad Mini. Rumor has it that the launch of iPad Air 3 and iPad Mini 5 will be cancelled thus making Apple focus only on their Pro series. Also hinted is the fact that the high-end model of Apple’s iPad Pro 2 will feature a 12.9-inch screen.

An all new processor is to power the device and it is believed it will be their new A10X Fusion chip that comes as a highly desired update from the old A9X one. It will most likely come equipped with OLED display which means a giant step forward from the previous IPS LCD that Apple uses on so many devices.

An OLED display means that battery life will also be highly improved because it uses its own light to power the display. Regarding storage space it is believed that the new iPad Pro 2 is going to be delivered with the same variants as the latest Apple devices come equipped with.  This device will be also available in Rose Gold design as it is already available for many Apple products.

Being rumored to hit the stores in March 2017 Apple has kept information about the iPad Pro 2 a secret but it will surely be a highly sought after device for enthusiasts to enjoy.

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