iPad Air 3 – Apple’s First Foldable Tablet is Near


Apple was expected to launch the new iPad Air 3 during 2016 but seeing as the year is coming to an end, this will certainly not going to happen. The US based tech giant opted instead to launch the latest 9.7 inch iPad Pro and this has Apple fans wondering if the company ditched the MacBook Air and MacBook Air Pro line but to fans delight recent reports have been showing that Apple is set to release iPad Air 3 during March 2016 and the device is speculated to be the last installment in the Air lineup.

The device is said to be Apple’s greatest tablet yet in terms of both performance and design. Reportedly Apple will equip the tablet with the powerful A9X processor which will be paired with 3GB of RAM and that’s surely just the right enough to provide users with impressive and stable performances. The display technology is something entirely new from what we’re used from Apple because the tablet will feature a 9.7 inch 2K resolution 3D display with 400ppm.

What will make the tablet stand out from the rest of its line is the fact that it will support Apple Pen functionalities, smart connector and that it will be foldable. A few months ago Apple has been spotted working on foldable prototypes and it looks like the new iPad Air 3 will the be device to use this innovative technology. Nonetheless, we can expect 2017 to be a great year in terms of tech gadgets and Apple is set to take the market by storm with their upcoming iPhone 8 Ferrari edition which will feature a completely never seen before design which consists of only two sheets of glass and a small chassis.

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