iPad Air 2 vs iPad Pro 9.7 – Know Your Apples


This year has been a one great for Apple fans because the US based company launched a bunch of new tech gadgets during 2016 and most of them were released early in the year. The Apple event that took place in March was where the iPad Air 2 was launched and this was a well received device but it doesn’t quite fit in the Air category, instead it goes straight into the iPad Pro line. This might have fans confused as which are the differences between the 9.7 inch Pro tablet and iPad Air 2. In order to help Apple fans from confusing the two gadgets we will go over a few differences that set the two apart.

It comes as no surprise that Apple fans can’t differentiate between the two devices because both have the same size and weight, but what makes the 9.7 incher fit straight into the Pro line is that it supports Apple Pencil and Smart Connector. Another important factor that makes the 9.7 iPad Pro stand out is the fact that it comes in an additional rose gold color.

Now on to the display, both devices feature the same 9.7 inch display but there are a few differences here and there. It can’t be seen at a first glance but even though the iPad Pro has the same resolution and pixel density as the iPad Air 2, the 9.7 Pro tablet features a less reflexive, brighter and wider color range display. The reason behind that is because the display is equipped with True Tone technology which gives the display the ability to adapt the color intensity to match the light that’s in the user’s environment.

The biggest differences that can be found are in the tech department. The iPad Pro 9.7 is powered by a A9X processor that’s significantly faster than the one used by iPad Air 2. The extra speed isn’t the only improvement, the processor has actually been optimized so that it consumes less battery power thus expanding the battery life of the device. This is quite important, mainly because the tablet is able to run apps at more stable FPS rates thus giving the tablet a smoother feel.

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