Intel And Microsoft Partnered With Project Evo And VR For PC

Intel And Microsoft Partnered With Project Evo And VR For PC

Microsoft and Intel renewed their partnership traditionally called “Wintel” on Wednesday night, naming it “Project Evo”. This partnership has one common goal, that of improving the way in which PC behave. Security and “mixed reality” experiences are not neglected aswell.

This collaboration was announced at WinHEC in China where hardware manufacturers partner with Microsoft in order to improve PCs and other devices that are related to them. This collaboration focuses on the partnership between the two tech giants and manufacturers such as Lenovo, HP, Dell, Asus and Acer. This year’s WinHEC focused on bringing Windows 10 to VR and developing cheaper head-mounted displays. Intel’s part in this conference was to reveal the specs that PC need in order to run VR and to announce its partnership with Microsoft.

This year’s WinHEC is particularly important because it was not held between 2008 and 2014. It prioritized the way in which tech giants could partner with each other to reinvent the way in which PCs think and interfere with our daily lives.

To be more specific, Project Evo implies communicating with PCs from a large distance, for example across a room. Another highly sought after feature will be biometric identification for security reasons, fingerprint, iris scanners and facial recognition will be replacing the old password system as a primary tool for security.

As for hardware, gaming will be focused on 4k displays with HDR resolutions, spatial audio and streaming e-sports and games. Improved mixed-reality experiences will be available on cheaper PCs along with affordable head-mounted display.

Regarding PC specifications to run VR smoothly,  Intel and Microsoft announced that one will need an Intel Core i5 with hyperthreading, Intel HD Graphics 620, 8GB of dual-channel RAM, a type 3.0 USB and Bluetooth 4.0 to make use of the accessories.

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