Google WiFi – Google Take On Perfect Router


It looks like Google has create a device for each category on the tech market and the latest device to be launched by Google is the company’s own Wi-Fi router which is similar to OnHub, the router Google unveiled last year. What separates Google WiFi from OnHub is the fact that the company designed the device to be easier to use and because it sports a sleek metallic look.

One of the great features brought by Google WiFi is the ability to create a mash network with other similar devices thus eliminating the need for router extenders in large areas that need bigger network coverage such as multi-story offices. The US based tech giant also included parental control in the device’s control panel making it more family friendly, but on the downside the router lacks a web console and sadly only features two Ethernet jacks. While the lack of a web console might be an impediment to tech savvy users, this doesn’t affect mainstream users at all.

Google’s goal was to make a Wi-Fi router that’s easy to set up and it’s safe to say that Google managed to achieve just that. The device is the result of the successful combination between stable performances and simple design thus making it one of the best router’s available on the market right now but it’s not exactly perfect for power users because even though the device is filled with useful features it lacks some important advanced features. Nonetheless, Google’s WiFi is an overall high performing product that’s going to do its job and more importantly it can be acquired for the rather cheap price of $129.

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