Google takes Chandni Chowk Online

Google had started an initiative called “India Get Your Business Online” promoting small business owners to have their own websites and domains for free, in November 2011. As a part of this initiative, our very own Chandni Chowk now gets to be online!

Presently over 5000 businesses are a part of the iconic Chandni Chowk market and thanks to the efforts of people at Google and HostGator, 2500 of those businesses now, have their own website! Additionally, Google India also launched a common website ‘’ which essentially is a directory for the businesses from Chandni Chowk. This will quite literally, put these small businesses “on the map” and will help them gain more business, since their information will be readily available to more people, the world over. The Communications and IT Minister, Mr. Kapil Sibal highly approved of this move and commented, “Internet is becoming an engine of economic growth and is expected to contribute over USD 100 billion by 2015 to India’s GDP. Embracing Internet will increase competitiveness of these businesses in the global economy”.

We have all shopped at and boasted about Chandni Chowk; the unique and traditional Indian market in Old Delhi also happens to be one of the largest wholesale markets, even today. We’re sure that going online is only going to add to its glory.

The initiative from Google, ‘India Get Your Business Online’, provides for the business owner to set up a free website for a year, after which only hosting charges will be needed to be paid. Reportedly, Google aims to build over 500,000 free websites for small-medium businesses in India by 2014. “We have created over 150,000 websites across 7,850 cities in India within a year. Next year, we expect to cover 300,000 businesses and by 2014-end, we will meet the target of 500,000“, Rajan Anandan, Google India VP and Managing Director (Sales and Operations) said.

Anandan also hinted that Google might be looking for other major business hubs enrolled for similar project, whether it is Shimla’s Mall Road or Mumbai’s Fashion Street is up for speculation.

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