Google Nexus 7 Comes with the name Google Pixel 7


One of Google’s most prolific devices is undoubtedly Nexus 7. When the tablet was first launched back in 2013 it was well received by the wide public and in fact, it’s actually selling really well to this day. What made the tablet stand out from the rest is the fact that Google opted to install affordable pieces of hardware that are capable of providing stable performances and also because the tablet is always up to date with software updates.

Earlier reports were showing that Google teamed with Huawei in order to manufacture the tablet and release it during the fourth quarter of 2016, but the two tech giants didn’t agree to terms because Google wanted the tablet to only wear their branding. With that being said, we can see why Google pushed the launch date to 2017. Regarding product branding, Google is rumored to introduce the device as the new Pixel 7 and not Nexus 7. The reasoning behind that it’s quite clear, ever since Google launched their Pixel smartphones, the company has been trying to make room for them by killing off the Nexus brand.

The reason why Android fans are so excited about the upcoming tablet is because it’s supposed to be equipped with Andromeda OS. This new operating system is the result of combining Android OS and Chromebook OS and it’s said to provide users with the same operations that PC operating systems such as Windows 10 do. Tech experts are even speculating that this operating system will become the new universal Android software.

Now onto the hardware department, liable leakster known as Evan Blass released an incomplete list that contained information about the tablet’s specs. Google Pixel 7 or Nexus 7 will feature a 7 inch QHD display that has a pixel resolution of 1440 x 2560 and will also be equipped with 4GB of RAM. That’s all the information we have right now but we can be sure that once we enter 2017, Google will release additional information.

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