Google Nexus 7 – Additional Information of What We Know So Far


Google’s upcoming tablet has been surrounded by rumors, reports and speculations ever since the first time Google hinted that they are working on creating a new device that bears the Nexus brand. Everybody knows by now that Google is trying to kill off their Nexus phones in favor of their newer Pixel ones and the only Nexus device left was the Nexus 7 tablet. Tech experts were expecting the tablet to be unveiled during 2016 but seeing that the Christmas season is almost here and Google hasn’t even mentioned the new tablet, 2016 will surely not be the year when the device gets launched.

The Pixel line of smartphones was the first ever Google-made series of devices because usually when Google wanted to create a gadget, the conglomerate would have teamed up with another tech company. The first reports pointed out that in order to manufacture the new tablet, Google partnered up with Huawei but that partnership didn’t seem to last because the two companies didn’t see eye to eye. The problem was that Google wanted the new Nexus tablet to wear only their branding and because Huawei is still technically new to the market and they want to build a name for themselves, they didn’t agree to Google’s terms.

Rumor has it that HTC is the one to agree with Google’s terms and the two companies are working right now on creating the gadget. The addition of HTC in the mix might be one of Google’s greatest decisions because HTC is known worldwide for their great designs and Nexus fans have been asking for a design overhaul for a long time now.

Nonetheless, even if Google has yet to confirm the official release date, everyone is expecting the new tablet to be launched during the first quarter of 2017. Android fans everywhere are highly anticipating the release of the new Nexus device mostly because the all the Nexus devices have been equipped with outstanding optimized hardware pieces and offered stable performances.

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  1. The original Nexus 7 with those awful wide bezels had to be the ugliest tablet ever made. Asus still has wider than average bezels on their newer phones and tablets, a deal breaker for me. For example, most of their Zenfones that are 5.5 inches are over 77 mm wide while other brands with narrower bezels are in the 75 to 76 range. A few are even under 75 mm. Every millimetre counts if you haven’t got large hands.

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