Google Nexus 7 (2017) Latest News – What’s Andromeda OS?


It’s safe to say that Google fans have been happy with the amount of brand new devices the US based tech giant launched this year. Google was known for always teaming up with other major tech companies in order to create its Nexus devices but this year Google took a different route and ventured into the smartphone world by itself and launched Pixel and Pixel XL. If Google fans think that’s what Google has best to offer, they should be happy to hear that Google has something big planned for 2017.

A couple of months back, leaked documents surfaced which showed that Google is working on launching a brand new Nexus 7 tablet in 2016 that’s going to be filled with impressive specs and the highly anticipated Andromeda operating system. Worth mentioning is that this information was provider by the known leakster Evan Blass. Seeing as the year is coming to an end it’s safe to say that the device got postponed until 2017.

Google is supposedly going to launch Nexus 7 in two different variants, one that uses Android as operating system and a second variant which uses Andromeda. You might be wondering what Andromeda OS is and that’s fair because this operating system has yet to be launched. Andromeda is reported to be result of the conjuncture between Android OS and Chromebook OS thus providing tablet users with the same operations PC users have. While having the same functionalities as a desktop OS, Andromeda will also be filled with Android apps and users will get access to Google Play Store. In fact, tech experts believe that Andromeda is going to be the next universal Android operating system that will finally allow smartphones and PCs to run on the same platform.

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