Google Nexus 6 vs. iPhone 7 – Is Apple Worth It ?


Ever since Google decided to venture into the smartphone market their devices have been pinned against the likes of Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy S devices, and to our surprise Google’s phones prevailed in most of the comparisons. One of Google’s most renowned mobile devices is the Nexus 6 and the phone is in the same category Apple’s iPhone 7 is. Since the two devices go head to head on the market we decided to compare them in order to help readers choose the one that fits their needs the most.

Apple’s device ships with a 4.7 inch IPS LCD display that has a pixel resolution of 750×1334, while on the other hand the Nexus device features a larger 5.96 inch AMOLED display that has a higher pixel resolution of 1440×2560. We can clearly see that Google wins this round, but now let’s take a look under the hood and check out the hardware specs. The iPhone 7 is powered by a quad-core A10 Fusion processor that’s paired with 2GB of RAM and the Nexus 6 is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon and 3GB of RAM. The Nexus device wins this round as well.

Now on to the camera department, the Nexus 6 features a 13MP camera that’s equipped with LED Flash, OIS sensors and a smaller 2MP camera which should be just enough for the user to take selfies with. The iPhone 7 features a 12MP main camera that’s equipped with the same sensors and a 7MP secondary camera that helps the Apple device prevail in this category.

The biggest difference between these two devices is the operating system they use, both manufacturers having their own software. Google’s device runs on Android 5.0 Lollipop that will eventually be upgraded to the latest Nougat OS and the iPhone 7 uses Apple’s latest iOS 10 version which provides users with a new interface and higher quality graphics.

We’ve compared the most important aspects of these devices and it looks like the Nexus 6 wins overall. The only department in which the iPhone 7 won is in the camera one, so its up for customers to decide if they either want more stable performances or better camera specs.

11 thoughts on “Google Nexus 6 vs. iPhone 7 – Is Apple Worth It ?”

  1. Great Phone the Nexus 6. It’s ungodly cheap online when you find them. I’m not sure why the author is pimping that Nexus phone in 2016 when there are updated versions.

  2. Although it’s true the N6 came out in 2014 what y’all are missing is how you can snag a phone for 300$ that does indeed beat the iPhone 7 in at least a few categories while being 2 years older. To me, that says something interesting.

  3. I own a Nexus 6 and an iPhone 6S and can honestly say the 6S blows the nexus6 away in every way, so it’s a stupid comparison to the iPhone 7

  4. Ummm The Google Nexus 6 came out in 2014! Why would you compare it to a current gen phone and how would you come to that conclusion. I have one mind you so I know the Nexus 6 well but definitely prefer my Pixel to it.

  5. this is clearly deceiving. how does Nexus “win” in hardware when iPhone 7 blows everything out of the water in terms of speed and performance? You can’t just compare the specs like that, neither can you compare megapixels vs megapixels without pointing out that 13MP shooter on Nexus 6 is garbage compared to 12MP iPhone 7 camera. Biased much?

    1. That will not help, the nexus 6 is way cheaper… but the Pixel (probably a better comparison at this time) is more on par cost-wize, and is a comparable phone.

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