Google Maps finally arrives for iOS users, now avialable in the Apple App Store

Earlier today we heard that Google might launch its new Google Maps app for iOS, the app is now officially available via the Apple App Store.

This new Google Maps app for iOS finally brings in all the prime features like voice guided turn-by-turn navigation, transit routes for trains, subways, and bus while it also provides walking directions. Unlike the older version of the app this one has been made entirely by Google and it is reported to be far superior to the previous version.

It is quite similar to the Android version of Google Maps, but Google has also optimized it for the 4-inch Retina Display on the iPhone 5. All devices Apple mobile devices running iOS 5.1 and upwards are supported by the app.

This surely is a better than Apple own failed maps solution and all iOS 6 users will be glad to have this much desired navigation app on their devices. Along with releasing the app, Google has also released a SDK for developers to include their Google Maps in iOS app rather than using Apple’s own solution.

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