Google Home – The Virtual Assistant Is Compatible With Sony Gadgets


Amazon was the first one to design a home virtual assistant but this year Google ventured into that market and launched its own Google Home AI assistant. In terms of specs, speakers and AI complexity Google Home is better than Amazon’s Echo assistant but what Google needs to do right now is to make the gadget compatible with more platforms than Amazon has and this will surely help Google win the home assistant war.

Google began working on this  issue and started creating a wider Google Home ecosystem and the first devices that have been added to Google Home’s compatible list are Sony speakers and Android TV sets. Sony reported that all of their speakers have Chromecast built in them and starting today, users will be able to access their speakers by only giving out commands to the virtual assistant such as “OK Google, play Spotify on my Sony speaker”. Google Home users that own more than one audio system should know that they can group the speakers together using the virtual assistant itself.

Sony’s Android TV sets are now compatible with Google Home’s vocal commands as well. This way users will be able to say “OK Google, play Narcos from Netflix on the TV” for example and the virtual assistant will automatically redirect the command to the Android TV. Worth mentioning is that all of Sony’s Android TV set ups such as the recently launched 4K HDR panels or the classic Bravia line are compatible with Google Home. It looks like Google is making all the right moves and the virtual assistant device might become even more popular than it already is. Considering that we live in the day and age of technology advancements, having a virtual assistant doesn’t sound so bad.

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