Samsung Galaxy Note 7- Verizon Persuaded To Roll Out Terminal Update


Samsung has been trying to retrieve all Galaxy Note 7 devices for a while now but that isn’t as easy as it sounds because certain owners don’t want to give their devices back, even if Samsung is repaying them with the device’s full price. In order to put an end to the Note 7 fiasco, Samsung decided to roll out an update that’s going to brick all Note 7 devices. The South Korean based company has faced someone problems with this decision because a large US network carrier doesn’t agree with that decision, but that just changed.

Verizon initially didn’t agree with Samsung’s update because the company thought that some of their clients might not have another device that they can switch to, but now Verizon announced that they will roll out the final Note 7 update on December 19th. The update will be rolled out OTA (over the air) and the moment users download the software update, they will no longer be able to charge their battery anymore thus rendering the phablet unusable. Samsung was forced to take this drastic measure because their gadget is considered to be too dangerous and it’s even banned from airplanes.

The reason why Verizon changed their mind is because Samsung offered to pay an extra $100 over the device’s initial price to Verizon customers that return their Note 7 in time. Reports are showing that Samsung already managed to gather around 93 percent of all the sold Note 7’s and the last seven percent will be terminated this month. All Galaxy Note 7 owners should hurry up to the retailer from which the device was acquired and return it so that they can still get their money back, especially since the devices will be bricked coming December 19th.

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