Flipkart Expands to eBooks, Launches Flyte eBook Segment

Thanks to their excellent services and a wide range of product profile, Flipkart is arguably India’s favorite eCommerce platform. Started out as a book store exclusively, they quickly expanded to mobile and accessories, PCs and laptops, beauty/grooming products, music store, footwear and apparel. Now, it seems Flipkart has ventured into the eBooks category as well.

The Flipkart collection boasts of over 60,000 paid eBooks, starting at just Rs. 30, and 4000 free ones. Now consumers can download  Flyte eBooks for Android using the Flipkart app just like Flyte MP3 downloads which they launched a little earlier this year. Another way to do this is by adding money to ‘wallet’ on your Flipkart account and purchasing the eBook online which you can download to maximum of six devices in Flipkart’s propitiatory format (.fkb). For now only users of the Android platform can avail this benefit but soon Windows 8 users will be getting an app for this. Nothing has been mentioned about it being rolled out to platforms such as iOS or BlackBerry as yet.

With the ever growing popularity of smartphones and various tablets, Flipkart has definitely found a great time to launch the eBook segment. Here’s hoping we can get more readers from the newer generation hooked on to the joys of reading, whichever medium it be through.

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