Final Fantasy XV – Square Enix Launches Holiday DLC


The most successful Japanese gaming franchise is undoubtedly Final Fantasy and Square Enix, the game’s producer recently launched Final Fantasy XV. The game is regarded as being one of the best RPGs ever by the gaming community and it’s safe to say that Square Enix managed to generate huge amount of profits with it. The game first came out on November 29th and since then, the majority of players managed to finish the game’s story mode and to keep them entertained Square Enix rolled patch 1.03 for Xbox One and PS4 platforms.

The update has been dubbed as the “Holiday Pack” DLC and it was made available on December 22nd. Players will find out that the DLC is quite big and it’s sized at 3.74GB for Xbox One and 3.2GB for PS4 and they need to make sure that they have a stable internet connection before starting the download process. The DLC contains a new GamePlus mode that’s accompanied by additional bug fixes and free content. Worth noting is that if players do decide to start the game in the new mode all their saves will be overwritten and only their settings, levels, weapons and Ascension skills will be retained. Another cool thing that’s included in the patch is the Warrior’s Fanfare which is a scroll of sheet music that allows players to earn additional AP while not training.

Console players which own Final Fantasy XV will be able to download the DLC for free while players that only own the season pass for the game will receive a different version of the DLC. Square Enix also announced that fans of the franchise should expect a Final Fantasy event to take place next month because the franchise will celebrate its 30th anniversary.

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