Final Fantasy XV Point Of No Return with Umbra

Final Fantasy XV

Players were previously given some guides in Final Fantasy XV. These guides explained the idea behind point of no return and umbra to enable the player to go back to the open world.

Point Of No Return

Shortly after clearing a particular stage in a story point players are warned starting from Chapter 3 that they will not be allowed to visit the open world for a certain time. Instead, they will be faced with a semi-open chapter that is comprised of a sequence of events that anticipate the game’s completion.


The ability to call forth the puzzling dog Umbra is unlocked by Gentiana after meeting it in the earlier stages of Final Fantasy XV. The open world Lucis is then unlocked allowing the player to travel back to it. As reported by the RPG Site, the city hubs Lucis and Altissa allow players to do some side-questing before wrapping it all up and calling Umbra to take them back to the present.

The combat experience in Final Fantasy XV allows the players to take control of Noctis by pressing or holding the attack button. It does sound easy but it takes more to beat the game as it can prove to be really tricky to beat.  Having a great deal of importance in the game both the offense and defense play an important part in the game’s progression.

Parrying attacks may come in handy in certain situations if one is to face with an enemy. On-screen popups should be taken into account as players instinctively tend to mow down the enemy only with attack commands. If these popups were to happen players should be noted to immediately hold the X button on Xbox One when blocking is allowed.

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