Eve V to Beat Surface Pro 4 in a Challenge

Eve V to Beat Surface Pro 4 in a Challenge

When Microsoft first introduced the idea of a hybrid device, people weren’t that keen on picking up the fresh concept. For this reason, the Surface Book line had suffered in its early days. However, it didn’t take long before users started to take interest in the laptop/tablet mix and as a result the Surface Pro line is one of the most popular ones available on the market today. Some brands are trying to replicate the success that comes with a hybrid device but haven’t been very successful so far.

On that note, for those that haven’t had the pleasure yet, we introduce Eve V. Eve is a startup company that has managed to bring out the Eve V hybrid device through a crowdfunding initiative. A lot of successful projects have their origins in crowdfunding, and it’s great to see this alternative business funding method bring forth a very competent product.

Not only did the Eve device receive good feedback, but it also managed to get ahead of what is most likely the toughest competitor in the hybrid game: Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4. The Microsoft device comes with a Core i7 processing unit but it pertains to the 6th generation whereas Eve V features the 7th generation model. The V pen stylus is offered to those purchasing the Eve hybrid, which works great in conjunction with the device’s setup. Not only does it come with a touch screen, but it also features supports for touch gestures for the geared up, premium, Synaptics designed keyboard.

Although the newcomer is able to outdo the market favorite in terms of specs for many categories, there are some departments where the Surface Pro 4 remains on top, such as the internal storage capacity and the superior rear and front camera combination.

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