Apple iPad Pro 3 – Rumored to Reach High Standards


Apple is expected to revamp the iPad Pro line with the addition of iPad Pro 3 in 2017 but recent reports are showing that we might not get what we’re expecting. Rumor has it that Apple is actually working on developing a refreshed edition of iPad Pro 2. The highly anticipated tablet will be powered by Apple’s own A10X processor which is similar to the same one used in the latest iPhone 7 and what makes this chipset so special is the fact that it has been designed to lower power usage while still providing stable performances by adding low-power cores.

iPad Pro 3 will ship with a rather large 10.5 inch AMOLED display and will be available in the 2GB and 4GB of RAM variants. The two models will also alter the tablet’s internal storage space and according to rumors the premium version of iPad Pro 3 will sport 512GB of internal memory. The Cupertino based company will also equip the tablet with features such as Touch ID fingerprint sensor and a 3D Touch display. The new iPad Pro 3 is expected to drop in the first quarter of 2017. Tablets that are powered by iOS come with a huge array of uses and features but today we will go over two awesome things that iOS powered tablets can.

Bluetooth Remote

Samsung was the first to include a built-in IR transmitter which helps the tablet connect to the TV but iOS devices can also do that because users can connect external transmitters to their devices. Installing a Harmony Home Hub will provide users with the ability to control any Bluetooth devices including TV sets and home assistants like Amazon’s Echo.

Data Transfer

This is something that iOS excels at because it uses Apple AirDrop which is a built-in app that provides users with the ability to move and transfer files between Apple devices seamlessly. This app can be enabled from any iOS device’s Control Panel.

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