Google Nexus 9 vs Apple iPad Mini 4 – iOS vs Android Tablet Edition


What sets Apple apart from other companies is the fact that the US based tech giant doesn’t focus all of its attention towards smartphones but to tablets as well. Apple fans have been quite happy with the amount of new and upgraded tablets Apple has been putting up and one of the company’s best selling tablets is undoubtedly the iPad Mini 4. The tablet was released back on September, 2015 and it’s safe to say that it can hold its own against other tablet power houses. Today we will pin the iOS powered iPad Mini 4 against one of the most prolific Android powered devices, Google’s own Nexus 9. Google teamed up with HTC back in 2014 and created one of the best Android powered devices ever. With that being said you can see why we’re testing iPad Mini 4’s capabilities against the older Nexus 9.


In terms of design, Apple’s iPad Mini 4 kept the traditional iPad sleek look and the only difference from its predecessors being that its slimmer. Google’s tablet sports a premium look as well that’s made from a plastic alloy which is HTC’s trademark but the tablets are actually more similar than you would think. Both of them use the same 4:3 aspect ratio display, camera placement, volume buttons position and a similar power port that’s situated on the bottom side. One major difference would be that Nexus 9 features dual speakers on the front side while the iPad Mini 4 sports a rather large physical Home button the bottom side of the display.


Apple’s iPad Mini 4 ships with a 7.9 inch display that comes with a pixel resolution of 2048 x 1536 while on the other hand the Nexus 9 features a larger 8.9 inch display that has the same pixel resolution. The iPad has a slight advantage in terms of pixels per inch measurement but the difference is hard to notice. The display featured by the iPad Mini 4 is a little better though because it uses newer technology that’s able to provide users with better picture rendering and color representation.

Hardware Performances

Now onto the hardware department, Apple didn’t include anything new in the iPad Mini 4 and equipped the device with the same hardware pieces iPad Mini 3 was equipped with. The tablet is powered by a dual-core A8 64-bit processor that’s coupled with 2GB of RAM and with a bunch of sensors such as the accelerometer, gyro, ambient light sensor and compass alongside other sensors. Google’s device is powered by the powerful dual-core Nvidia Tegra K1 processor which clocks at 2.3GHz and that’s paired with the same amount of 2GB of RAM. The iPad Mini 4 features a large 6350 mAh battery which provides users with up to ten hours of mixed usage and the Nexus 9 comes with a slightly larger 6700 mAh battery that’s able to last up to 9.5 hours of mixed usage.

Regarding performances, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that Apple’s tablet wins this round by far. The Nexus 9 provides stable performances, especially considering that it reached the two year milestone, but Apple’s device runs every app smoothly and without any lag. Even though Apple’s tablet wins this round, Apple fans are quite disappointed with the A8 processor because everyone was expecting it to feature the faster A8X chipset.


It’s clear that Apple managed to create a great device that’s able to take on the likes of Nexus 9 every day but what Nexus 9 has and iPad Mini 4 doesn’t is Android operating system. Now this is subjective and everyone has their preferred software but this should be one of the deciding factors when choosing a tablet. The entry level 16GB iPad Mini 4 is priced at $399 which is the same price Nexus 9 is sold, but worth noting is that the Nexus 9 can only be acquired through third party retailers such as Amazon because Google stopped supporting the device.

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