Android Wear 2.0 To Receive A Boost From Google

Android Wear 2.0

Android Wear has gathered some dust from some time now thus situating at the bottom of the pyramid behind Apple’s WatchOS and Samsung’s Tizen operating on a more enjoyable, versatile and easier to use interface than Android Wear. After falling behind other important brands Google is finally taking the matter into their own hands and ahead of the next release of Android Wear 2.0 which will happen the next year, it got its hands on Cronologics to work together on the device.

A new operating system for Android Wear is being developed by Cronologics, called CoWatch which is being crowd-founded and was launched in 2016 with a bang on even looks and style to the Android Wear. Despite the similar looks it offers some new interesting features like controlling appliances, adding items on a to-do list and placing orders.

The partnership is kept a secret, not too many details were made public but a statement issued on the company’s website claimed that Cronologics will partner with Google to expand the use of watches branded under Android Wear.

It is also worth mentioning that they are developing a newer version called Android Wear 2.0 with no specific details being offered. Rumors have it that Cronologics will not have their merit stated separately the possibility being that it will be branded under Google’s name. After all, they do have some history of working together as co-founders Leor Stern and Lan Roche when they worked on Niantic Labs while they were under Google.

Cronologics’ acquisition by Google is great news for them, the only downside is that CoWatch will most likely disappear as Google will certainly not allow the software to exist, and even if it does it is not believed that they will offer customer support and software updates in the long run.

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