AMD Unveils Their Latest Radeon Crimson ReLive Edition Package


AMD just released their latest Radeon Crimson ReLive Edition driver for their Summit Ridge Processors and the driver update promises to live up to the high graphical quality AMD fans have been used to see from them. The ReLive Edition patch increases overall graphic performances by up to 30 percent.

Raja Koduri the VP of Radeon Technologies Group said that the Crimson ReLive Edition has been created with one purpose in mind to aid game developers, graphic designers, streamers and content creators in their work. These features can also be used by regular players as well because they can share game footage with their friends and that’s how AMD came up with the ReLive name. The whole software building process has been created around the idea that players can now record, share and stream their gaming sessions.

The Crimson ReLive Edition includes a new interface that allows users to alter advanced graphic settings such as signal detection fallback and HDMI signal. The AMD pack is a great tool for streamers because of the features it includes. Using the VP9 decode acceleration players can steam 4K quality videos at 60H. Among all the features included in the ReLive package, Radeon Chill can be found as well. This controller regulates video game’s FPS according to the user mouse movements thus reducing power system consumption and makes the system cooler.

Radeon Chill is support by almost all of the most popular games and the list includes the likes of World of Warcraft, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Warframe Dark Soul III among many others. This software is one of AMD’s best features ever and it’s definitely a great tool to own.

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