Amazon Fire TV – Best Tips To Improve Your Viewing Experience

Amazon Fire TV

Amazon has taken the market by storm when it released its own steaming platform Amazon Fire TV which comes under the form of a black box that’s connected to a designated TV set. What makes the device shine over its competition is the fact it gives users access to popular channels such as Netflix, Amazon Video and Prime Music, HBO Go and so on. While Fire TV is used mainly for streaming TV shows, the device comes with even more functionalities such as gaming. The device is filled with so many features that the average user might not even know about all of its functionalities and because of that we will go over three important tips and tricks that Fire TV owners can use.

Smart Remote

The Fire TV usually comes bundled with Amazon’s Fire TV Stick which is basically a remote, but in case you didn’t acquire the remote you can always download the free Fire TV remote app that’s compatible with both iOS and Android. The smart remote is able to provide users with the same features Fire TV Stick has and it even includes voice functionalities.

Android apps

Amazon’s Fire TV and Fire Stick run on an Android based operating system and all this means is that users can always chose to install the same apps they would use on a tablet or a smartphone on the Fire TV. The way this works is that every Android app even those downloaded through Google Play Store end up in APK (Android application package file) and these files can be installed on every Android powered device through sideloading. For example, using APK users can install apps such as Chrome extensions and so on.

Parental Control

All of the most popular TV shows can be streamed through Amazon’s Fire TV because the device is equipped with a whole array of different genre categories which also include Rated-R shows such as the widely popular Game of Thrones and if you don’t want your kids watching this type of media content you should go ahead an access Settings- Parental Control, choose a PIN code and enable the feature.

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