AM4 X370 Chipset Motherboards Impressive Features


The New Horizon Event is getting closer and all big hardware manufacturers are expected to be there to showcase their chipsets, but the most talked about one is AMD. All tech experts and PC fans are expecting AMD to unveil their latest AM4 X370 chipset motherboard that’s designed for Zen and luckily it looks like this might be the case since AMD themselves confirmed that they have something special prepared for the event.

Everybody knows that AMD has been releasing great CPUs the past years but most of them are based on older architectures and everyone has been awaiting AMD to finally release something innovative and right now it seems that the Zen chipset will be exactly what fans asked for. The New Horizon Event will take place during December 13th and because the event is so close, the tech side of the internet has been filled with rumors. The rumors surrounding the Zen motherboard are pointing out that AMD will release the hardware piece in three variants : the high end “X370” model, the mid entry model called “A320” and the lower tier “B350” model.

The Zen chipsets have been built around the AMD AM4 platform and they will be equipped with features such as NVMe, DDR4 support, USB 3.1, PCle 3.0 and SATA Express. AMD has made a wise choice when they chose to create the chipset around the AM4 platform because that will make modern technology compatible with the chipsets and users won’t be required to use third party chipsets anymore.

Seeing the amount of hype generated among PC fans, AMD will surely make the motherboard available to retailers all around the world mainly because it’s their interest that the motherboard sells well. Right now all we can do is wait for more information to be leaked or for the December 13th to come were AMD will showcase everything.


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