Xiaomi launches a new Wi-Fi router called Mi Portable Wi-Fi

Xiaomi is all set to launch its new portable Wi-Fi router and it will arrive in stores next month. It is called the Mi Portable Wi-Fi and it will come in six different color choices.

This is not to be mistaken with the DIY Wi-Fi router called the MiWiFi which the company had announced earlier this month. The MiWiFi is especially for those who love to tinker with technology and it comes with 1TB of storage.

Xiaomi is yet to release specifications for this new portable Wi-Fi router and it is yet to be listed on its official website. All we know about this device at the moment is that it will be available in stores sometime early January.


Xiaomi has already shown its potential by building some amazing Android-based smartphones. It has also released some interesting accessories for their devices and earlier this year they also announced a 3D capable smart TV.

The company has also hired an important Google senior executive responsible for the growth of Android – Hugo Barra. The company now aims to expand its international markets in 2014, starting with Singapore.

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