8 Reasons to get the Amazon Kindle (4th Generation)

By Devdeep Bag / December 25, 2013 / Consumer Electronics, Featured, Tablets, Technology
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The Amazon Kindle is an E-reader and the brand for the device was first established in 2007, which implemented e-ink and was a huge hit with the masses. Since then, Amazon has come a long way with a lot of upgrades and some notable differences in sizes and features.

This article aims to talk about the 4th generation Kindle. It was announced in 2011, and is currently priced at “totally affordable and value for money”. The following are a few points that should assist the curious and confused to make a solid decision about this device.

1. It fits

There is little or no comparison to just how portable this device is and how that translates into ease of use. The Kindle’s dimensions are designed for holding it in your hands for long periods of time without having your hand muscles tense up. Also, it fits so right in your pocket you’ll wonder if they took measurements just for you.

2. It’s really light

This article could “amaze” you with figures in grams of just how light it is, but it doesn’t give you clear idea of how that might actually feel. So let me put it this way, its lighter than most books. If you were a hardback enthusiast, you would feel the difference right away. However, if you prefer paperbacks, depending on the size of the book, you would note only a minor difference in terms of the weight. Couple that with the dimensions of the device, and you’ve got yourself a great experience altogether.

3. You save paper

You save a lot of paper. Which means you save trees. Trees assist in maintaining the balance of an ecosystem. That is a good thing, but do you know what isn’t? It’s saying things like “the feel of paper” or the smell of a new book is worth cutting down trees. I’ll confess I love that smell too, why not just buy one new book and smell that from time to time. Vacuum seal that shit and it’ll last really long.

4. E-ink like a boss

For those people out there who haven’t yet experienced e-ink, it will not blow your mind. Do you know why? Because it is not supposed to blow your mind, it’s supposed to just sit there. Literally. The technology is such that, once content has been displayed, it stops using power from the device. The “ink” just sits there, imitating a real page. Because of this technology, e-readers like the Kindle last for at least a month if not more. Awesome battery life, much to the envy of its Android cousins in the tab family.

Amazon Kindle 4th Gen

5. Simplicity to reduce stress

Using this device is a stress buster. With an ocean of awe striking tablets populating the world of technology, the Kindle can be assumed to be a common simpleton, who simply does what he set out to do, nothing more, nothing less. With this device you don’t think about its graphic capabilities, the RAM or the million apps available at any point of time. While using this device, you aren’t bothered by a stream of notifications, or emails flooding the back of your mind. With this device, you read a book. It truly is a marvel when it comes to idealistic user experience.

6. To start reading

This is for the people who aren’t into books and would like to venture into this thing their friends keep talking about, something called “reading”. Well folks it’s really not that complicated, you get a book and you read it. However, if you feel like you need the push, make the investment and buy the device. Once you start reading, you might get hooked as many have, and notice many positive changes in your life. Also, it makes you look like a smart person.

7. Non-touch screen

With the advent of touch screen, we definitely feel like we have come leagues closer to our goal of being able to do what sci-fi writers would write in their books. Mentions of tablets, capable of data being input via touch fascinated one and all, and it was a celebratory moment when we were able to achieve that, surely. It spread like wildfire and now almost everyone has something or the other that is touch screen. But this device is not touch screen capable. There are hard buttons, which do the job for you. And its great! Here is why; you don’t accidentally touch the screen and change the page, you can hold the device however you want, and because you aren’t usually using the screen with your fingers you rarely get smudge marks on it. And if you do get smudge marks on it, you can clean it without bothering to lock the device. Bottom line, you won’t miss the touch screen if you happen to go for this one.

8. It’s really cheap

It costs 5k (Well, Rs.4999). What do you want?