Sony PlayStation 4 launched in India for Rs. 39,990 will be available from January 6

The Japanese company has finally officially launched its latest PlayStation4 console in the Indian market at an event in New Delhi. The console has been priced at Rs. 39,990 and it will be available across India starting January 6.

This is the first next-generation console which has landed in the Indian market and we hope that Microsoft’s Xbox One will soon follow.

In terms of the hardware the PS4 is powered by an eight-core AMD Jaguar/Kabini x86-64 processor along with a Radeon 7870-derived graphics processing unit. It further includes 8GB of RAM and 500GB of hard drive space.

The console is equipped with connectivity features including Wi-Fi, HDMI output, Aux, Gigabit Ethernet socket, an S/PDIF optical audio output and two USB ports.

It features the new DualShock controller which includes a two-point touchpad, six-axis Move motion sensor, a light bar and a Share button which lets players post gameplay footage and screenshots online. The camera which comes with the console can be purchase for an extra Rs. 4,999 while and additional controller also costs Rs. 4,999.

A console is absolutely useless without games and hence Sony has already launched Knack and Killzone Shadow Fall for Rs. 3,999 while eight third-party titles will be launched on January 6 for Rs. 4,499.

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