YotaPhone 2 Release Date Set Official for This December

A while back, we talked about some recent rumors which were suggesting that YotaPhone 2 will come with a bigger than expected price. The hearsay was suggesting a release date before the end of this year and now YotaPhone itself has confirmed it.

The company has recently sent out a tweet saying that YotaPhone2 will be presented December 3 at an invitation only event in London. It’s interesting that the company has chosen London for the launch event location, which speaks about new markets that the company will enter.

A tech prototype of the YotaPhone 2 has been made public in the month of February of this year at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. But exact specs and features haven’t been provided, so we’re looking forward to the December event to learn more about this.

Of course, it is widely expected that the second version will be much improved over the previous generation. The biggest upgrade seems to be the fully-touch sensitive e-Ink display, as the original YotaPhone didn’t feature a touch panel on the back.

yotaphone 2 release

The improved back panel will be able to handle more functions, such as calls, texts, emails and others. After all, the back side of the device is what makes it stand apart from the rest and it’s only logical for the Russian company to come up with improvements in this direction.

Some recent rumors even suggest that the YotaPhone 2 could allow users to operate the smartphone entirely via the low-energy e-ink display, without having to resort to the LCD screen, which consumes much more battery life. And this could prove to be an interesting approach, considering how many times we just check our smartphones.

Price is going to be another important factor, so it will be crucial for the Russian start-up to make it available to a wider range of customers. The first-generation YotaPhone has recently launched in India, as well, which shows that the company is interested in emerging mobile markets, as well.

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