Xbox Scorpio made for premium consumers with the very best features

Xbox Scorpio

Since its inception, the Microsoft gaming consoles known as Xbox, as well as the Sony equivalent, the PlayStation, have been known to spawn new models every 6 years or so. While pretty much every other form of tech device, be it gaming related or not, would have successors following the very next year, the two gaming consoles remained the gaming staple of their respective brands for a big chunk of time. When a new model finally got released, it would feature massive improvements and technological advancements, as appropriate for the present times.

This means that Xbox players that would switch over to the Xbox 360 would see a massive jump forward in every category imaginable, and the same thing goes for Xbox 360 users that switched to the newer Xbox One. Sony consumers went through the same experience with the PlayStation, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3 and most recently PlayStation 4.

However, it seems that console manufacturers are shying away from this 6 year long release anticipation habit, and aiming towards a more fluent release schedule, which features more releases in a smaller period of time.

While the Xbox One (based on the old standards) is still a new console, Microsoft already surprised its fanbase with the Xbox One S, which is a smaller version of the device. Now the project Scorpio comes in. According to Microsoft themselves, project Scorpio, which is the next Xbox installment, will be distributed to customers as the premium Xbox, top of the line variant. It was designed specifically with the high end consumer in mind, the customers that are OK with flashing extra cash in order to get only the very best features.

To prevent anyone from alarming, Microsoft was quick to specify that this doesn’t mean people which have bought the Xbox One, or even the Xbox One S are now doomed. In fact, the Xbox One S will represent Microsoft’s cheapest Xbox offering once the Scorpio model comes out, which is slated to happen sometime next year.

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