Xbox Project Scorpio Native 4K Capability Beats them All


Microsoft is boasting and saying that their upcoming new Xbox Project Scorpio will be considerably better than Sony’s newly launched PlayStation 4 Pro. The main selling point of Xbox Project Scorpio is its ability to run games at a native 4K resolution, which the PS4 Pro can’t. This is true, Sony’s PS4 Pro is unable to run a game at 4K native resolution, only if the games are specially created for 4K resolution. The fact that Xbox Project Scorpio will be able to do that is showing what kind of threat Microsoft is posing towards Sony.

Xbox Project Scorpio

This year was filled with new console releases since Microsoft launched their Xbox One S, a slimmer version of Xbox One that has a 4K Blue Ray disc player, giving the console media top features as well. In response to that Sony launched their PlayStation 4 Slim that did not bring anything new to the table and was just a slimmer version of PlayStation 4. Seeing that Microsoft was having better success, Sony release their PlayStation 4 Pro that has better hardware than the PS4 Slim, but it doesn’t support native 4K resolution, unlike the Xbox Project Scorpio. The new Microsoft console will be launched during 2017.

Better Graphics

Microsoft’s Shannon Loftis stated in an interview that the new console Xbox Project Scorpio will be able to run 4K native games, and this will sure make the gaming console more appealing towards customers since almost everyone has a 4K TV in their home.

Tech experts are reporting that in order for the console to run 4K resolution games it will run on lower FPS. Reports are showing that even PC’s with the latest GPU installed can barely run 4K gaming at 60FPS so we can’t expect a console to run 60FPS 4K gaming.


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