Xbox One vs. PS4 – Prices, Game Titles and Sells

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The long lasting console war, Xbox versus PlayStation, is never going to end. Right now we are going to focus on who wins the console war in 2016. The majority of video games have already been released, but there are still a few more to come before the year ends.

PlayStation 4 managed to sell better than Xbox One this year, and the reason behind this is because Xbox has had a slow start, the PlayStation 4 also comes with better hardware, and that brought some customers towards Sony, because of the better graphics it provides. Xbox One was leading in the number of exclusive titles it had this year, but then Uncharted 4 released on the PlayStation 4 and that switched up the game, and made PS4 to be on top.

Xbox One & PS4 Price

The release date of both consoles was in 2013, and their prices have dropped significantly since. The price for both consoles revolves around £250 for the 250GB versions, and the price goes up for the 1TB versions.


The PlayStation 4 can be bought for £260 without any bundle, if you choose to buy a bundle, the price won’t get way too high, the DOOM and Uncharted 4 bundle costs only £270.

Xbox One

The Xbox One price dropped significantly since it gives the buyer the option to buy the console without Kinect Sensor. The price for the standalone console is £220, and for the FIFA 16 or Battlefied 4 bundle the price is £220.


The main reason behind buying a console is not the hardware it presents, but the games it has. In the past consoles were bought only for the exclusive games it had, for example if you wanted to play Halo, the only way to do that was to buy an Xbox, or if you wanted to play Uncharted you had to buy a PlayStation.

Exclusive Games for PS4

The biggest title that is exclusive to PS4 is Uncharted 4. The game was supposed to launched last year, but it was postponed by Sony, and in the end it payed off. Other game exclusives for PlayStation 4 are: “The Last of Us Remastered”, “The Order 1886” which is known to have some of the best graphics that have been displayed on the PS4, and also the race game “Driveclub”, the game had a pretty bad start, and really needed some bug fixes, but the fixes came and the game is improving every day.

Exclusive Games for Xbox One

The main exclusive game for Xbox One has to be the new “Halo 5: Guardians”, the game has amazing graphics, and it’s also a really fun multiplayer game, “Gears of War 4” is also a very hyped game that is exclusive to only Xbox One, and the fan favorite Xbox exclusive “Forza Horizon 3”, a game that manages to showcase both Xbox One’s graphics and performance.

We have presented you with the information necessary to make a decision about what console you should buy.

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