World of Tanks Update 9.4 Adds New Map, Improves Strongholds and Team Battles Mode

Summary – The latest World of Tanks Update, version 9.4, has been made available for download, bringing a new map, improvements to the Team Battles mode and strongholds.

World of Tanks is an immensely popular online multiplayer game, and it has recently seen a big update being released. So if you have been waiting for this update to be released, you an now go ahead and download it.

Update 9.4 improves Strongholds, redesigns Team Battles mode and adds a new map: Stalingrad, and brings many other minor improvements and various bug fixes. Here’s the full changelog of the update, just in case you are curious to see all the details about this latest version.

The latest update  for World of Tanks has already been out in North America, Europe and Asia for a few good days, gradually being rolled-out to players from all over the world.

world of tanks latest update

Team Battle mode has been improved with two distinct choices for tank lineups and maps have been revised specifically for this battle mode. Also, the lineup, arrangement of bases, and battle and cap time have all been adjusted.

As many of you know it, the southwestern Russian city Stalingrad was the stage of one of the most significant battles of World War II. Now, it has been included in the latest version of World of Tanks so that players could get a feeling of this big fight.

Wargaming also brought a good deal of improvements to vehicle characteristics, gameplay, graphics, sound, user interface, and other minor bugfixes and changes.

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