Windows Phone 8.1.1 Brings Update Scheduler to Automatically Download OS Updates

A few days back we talked about the latest Windows Phone 8.1.1 update and the minor improvements that it brought. And now it seems that developers have been treated with some more surprises.

The upcoming release of Windows 10 is said to bring many features from Windows Phone to desktop and tablet users. But now, according to the guys from WindowsCentral, an upcoming update to Windows Phone will bring a feature that’s been long present on desktop Windows devices.

It seems that the latest Windows Phone 8.1.1 update brings an OS update scheduler option that allows users to to automatically download OS updates if the data settings allows it. This is a great feature and much needed for those who want to control when their devices are being updated to the latest OS.

Windows Phone 8.1.1 update scheduler

Besides the OS update scheduler, Windows Phone 8.1.1 brings Battery Saver improvements and the NTP (Network Time Protocol) is now working for more users.

To schedule OS updates for your Windows Phone, you need to go to settings -> phone update and select your preferred install time for OS updates. By default, it is set to 3 AM.

What do you think about this small but useful feature? Sound off by leaving your comments below.

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One thought on “Windows Phone 8.1.1 Brings Update Scheduler to Automatically Download OS Updates”

  1. Good idea – need this to prevent updates until the “public pioneers” have taken the first hits, then report back on whether it is ready for the rest of us, or if MS need a .1 “correction”.

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