Viber Update available for Windows 10 with rich links support and fixes

Viber Update ,Windows 10

Viber can be found available on different platforms such as Apple iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry OS, MacOS and also Microsoft Windows. Viber is an VoIP app, VoIP being an acronym for voice over IP. The app has been developed by the Israeli based company Viber Media.

The app give to its users access not only to voice calls but also to instant messaging, data transfers of files like pictures, documents, songs. The features that Viber brings to their users are dependant on the platform they are using it on. Android OS users seem to be the first ones to received updates and new features, while the other have to wait a bit longer.

The latest update that Viber rolled out for their UWP app included features such as transparent live tiles, video calling and many more features. The app has recently received an update, the v6.2 update,  and it includes some bug fixes and added support for rich links.

Viber recently received an update to connect it with another app, the Uber app. As of now the Viber user can request Uber to bring to them a ride just by using Viber, the app will also compare prices automatically between different Uber vehicles. The best part of Uber’s addition to Viber is that now the user does not need to carry cash in his pockets to pay for his ride, he can do it only by using his digital wallet.

Worth mentioning is the fact that Viber now supports the Quick Reply feature in Windows 10. The feature is going to allow the user to quick reply to Viber messages, the same way Skype does. Viber can now be auctioned by using Cortana, giving its users the option to vocally start phone calls.

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