Stop Windows 10 Annoying Updates


Usually Windows updates are well received because they bring cool and new features, but sometimes these updates can get quite annoying because they can prevent you from working on your computer until the update is installed. Microsoft has taken note of the feedback they received and they realized that their updates might interfere with the work process of Windows 10 users and for that reason they installed the new “Active Hours” feature. The Windows 10 user can now choose what are the hours when he is usually using the PC and Windows updates will stop from annoying him.

Stopping Windows 10 updates

The newly implemented Active Hours feature is not enough to prevent updates from being installed because Windows will force the updates and will try to install them whenever you close or open your PC. To prevent Windows from automatically updating your PC you can download an optional tool designed specially for Windows 10, and the tool is called “Show or Hide Updates Troubleshooter”. The tool can be downloaded straight from Microsoft’s official support website and it comes in both the Anniversary Update version and the November (2015) version, so it is compatible with all Windows 10 versions.

The troubleshooter tool can be installed like any other program and after the installation process is over the program should pop up a welcome screen. From that screen you can perform a scan and the troubleshooting tool will provide you with a list of impending updates that you can just check off.

Try keeping in mind the fact these updates do not only bring bug fixes but they also bring new features and more importantly security updates. And because of that you probably shouldn’t instantly check off an update and rather Google the update versions before to see what it contains and if it’s useful.

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