Skype App for iPhone Gets Faster Chat Load Time and Other New Features

The Skype team has been rolling out recently quite a lot of updates, and we’re talking in this post about the most recent one that adds quite a bit of new features. Thus, this brings the official Skype app for iPhone to version 5.7. Here’s what Skype said on its official blog:

At Skype, we work hard to incorporate your ideas to continue building a great app that helps you do more with the people you love, whenever you’re apart. In fact, on the Skype for iPhone team, we personally read each piece of user feedback and categorize comments by hand to determine what to work on next, so your input really matters. In the Skype 5.7 for iPhone update, we addressed some of the most common user suggestions.

The latest Skype version for iPhone now lets users save and delete photo by simply pressing and holding the image. The app now comes with a faster chat load time, as messages that you received and are informed off through notifications, will now pop up much faster.

iPhone users can now see all avatars for groups and people inside the official Skype app. Last, but not least, there have been deployed various people list user interface improvements, and it’s now easier to find the people list search and filter options.

skype iphone app update

However, many users aren’t impressed with the current version, awarding it a rating of just 2 stars out of 5. Here’s what one of them has been saying:

It’s VERY annoying that I have to sign out manually. I liked it better when all I had to do was close the app, because I hate having to sign in automatically. Also, when I type a word in between two asterisks (*), it appears in bold, and that’s EXTREMELY ANNOYING!!! The same thing happens with the tilde!(~) These “general improvements” ARE DRIVING ME INSANE! Just make it a button, maybe that would be better. If we could just press and hold onto a message to edit it, and press an option to make it in bold or italics that would be SO much better. I like being able to write something in between two * or ~ and not have it change the text automatically. It is a lot better now, but a few more improvements might help this app earn an even better rating. Personally, I feel that the older version was MUCH, much better.

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