Samsung Galaxy Tab may get Android Gingerbread/Honeycomb Update

A bit unbelievable but Samsung India has recently confirmed that they intend to upgrade the Samsung Galaxy Tab to Android Gingerbread and Honeycomb, after Google releases the official updated for the mobile operating system. This is definitely great news as Android 2.2 is not at all a tablet friendly operating system and it needed some serious updates.

The news comes from Samsung Hub, as they mention an unnamed Samsung executive confirming these upgrade plans, later updating the post by saying that folks from Samsung contacted them saying they cannot assure anything about future updates but will be working hard to keep the Galaxy Tab updated.

So, Gingerbread is expected to make an appearance by the end of this year and if the hardware requirements by Google are not really intense, the upgrade won’t be much of a problem for Samsung. Also, Samsung has previously mentioned that they would hope to update the Galaxy Tab in the future, but it is very obvious that they will need some time to build their interface around the new upgrade.

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  1. Being that Samsung released the 1st Tab, I feel they owe their loyal customers by upgrading their software sooner. I understand they are in the industry of making money as a new Tab would do that, however Galaxy Tab users were dedicated to the android pkatform and supported the Tab. Samsung please do whats right for your customers and upgrade the software already. Thanks

  2. Hi all just thought I would let you all know I emailed samsung yesterday and asked them about the updates of 2.3 and 3 and the tab is getting 2.3 soon and from the reply below looks like it will get 3 leter on in the year. I hope they do as I really like the device and adding hunnycomb to it will make the tablet even better than it allready is and at a cheeper price than the other tablets having hunnycomb on it will make it a big seller.


    Customer reference number: 2113904840
    Email response ID: 1103465277
    Please quote your customer reference number when contacting Samsung

    Dear James,

    Thank you for contacting Samsung and I have pleasure in providing the
    following assistance.

    Kindly be noted that you are using a smart device which means that the software version on it can be updated, we are still
    working on the Android 2.3 for the tablet, it is not available yet and unfortunately we don’t have the release date for it.
    About further upgrades we don’t have infomation about it yet, but when it is available you will be able to get it on your

    If you require any further assistance, please contact Samsung again and
    we will be more than happy to help.

    Kind regards,
    Megan Reynolds

    Online Support Team
    SAMSUNG Customer Support Centre

    Need to contact the Samsung Customer Support Centre?

    1. I did called samsung & guess what, i get the same replied. I think they will not be upgrading galaxy tab 7″ since 8.9″ & 10.1 already launch with honeycomb. Samsung expect us to get the new tablet. This is what i call customer service. Worst than Apple, at least Apple really promisethe update.

      1. Hey David,
        Im from Aussie too. Where did you pick one up for $369? I have wanted one since they came out. Now they are cheaper and are gonna be running newer versions of Android, ill get one straight away… Im glad i waited

        1. Hey, I picked one up in the UK for £15 plus £15/month for 24 months, I wasn’t interested in tying myself down to a contract but at that price I’m not fussed, it should be coming tomorrow yipee

      2. the people who paid 700 bought it outright. paid the same for my tab. yes you can get it cheaper by purchasing one that locks you into a service plan.

  3. am i gonna get honeycomb or shud i throw my sucking tab..
    i am really fed up of same set of live wallpapres, apps, games set.. from couple of months
    nothin new.. 🙁

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  5. If the first on android phone G1 can run honeycomb then the tab1 should do just fine just bit of work needed das all

  6. I’ve heard similar news from postings suggesting a dual processor is required for honeycomb but I’ve also heard that samsung galaxy tablet 1 will also get honeycomb in an update. Not sure who to beleive. At the very least, there will be a way to root it. I’m not so tech savvy so we’ll have to wait and see. I like the portability of the first tablet yet would love a better UI

  7. I’ve read that honeycomb requires a dual core processor, so the galaxy tab wouldn’t be able to accommodate it. This article suggests that galaxy tab will get honeycomb,so does this mean that newer galaxy tabs will get a dual core processor, or did I misunderstand the requirements for honeycomb?

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