MacBook Pro 2016 System Performances, Prices and Design

MacBook Pro 2016 System Performances, Prices and Design

Apple manages to disappoint their Mac fans every year. When Mac devices first launched they were at Apple’s center of attention, but as time went on the devices started being forgotten by Apple. Apple’s attention is centered towards their iPhone line, and they update them every September while Macs sit for as long as three years without any updates coming to them. Another problem regarding Macs is that Apple has not upgraded their processor since three years ago.

To repair their mistakes, Apple has launched a new MacBook Pro line. The new MacBook Pro is going to come with a sleeker design and also technical upgrades to its system and new features like the Touch Bar. There are two different versions of the device at the moment, the 13-inch model and the 15-inch one. The 13-inch one is priced at $1,499 and we are going to review it now.

System Performances

The 13-inch model is the low-end version of MacBook Pro coming at the price of $1,499, while the other models that include the Touch Bar feature are going to be much more expensive. Regarding processors the low-end model of MacBook Pro sports a 15W Core i5-6360U CPU with an Intel Iris 540 GPU while the high-end version of Mac comes with a 28W Core i5-6267U CPU with an Intel Iris 550 GPU.

The battery is actually bigger in the lower-end versions of Mac, coming with a 54.5 Whr battery and the high-end version having a 49.2 Whr, but Apple has stated that the battery life time is equal, giving both the devices 10 hours of battery life.

The RAM memory is maxed out 16GB for both models because Apple is using LPDDR3 trying to give their devices bigger battery life. Another difference between the two models of MacBook Pro is that the cheaper model has two integrate microphones while the more expensive version has three.


The new MacBook Pro is slimmer and has smaller display bezels than its predecessor, but its keeps the thick design the old MacBook Pro had, and this is only because the powerful processors it sports require the device to have fans.

The device will have 3.02 pounds, being half a pound lighter than its predecessor. This is not a huge weight difference, but it improves the way it feels, and if the last Mac you owned as an older model, the new MacBook Pro is going to feel weightless.

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