Gorgeous Looking Red BlackBerry Passport to Boost Christmas Sales

SummaryBlackBerry is fighting hard to maintain its company floating, and a red version of the BlackBerry Passport could be another boosting sales factor. Recent images have leaked and a release date has been rumored, as well.

The BlackBerry Passport is a device that has seen mixed reactions so far. BlackBerry fans have described it as a smartphone that aims to increase productivity not just for business users, while other consumers found it to be an odd-looking smartphone with poor chances of succeeding against the competition.

But it seems that the Canadian company has some more tricks up its sleeve, according to a recent report from BlackBerry-focused website CrackBerry. As it turns out, the company is working on a red version of the device, which has prematurely leaked on the Amazon online retailer.

The above-mentioned Amazon leak has also revealed some information on a potential scheduled release date, and it’s December 25th. It’s a little weird if we take into account that it’s Christmas Day, so this makes me believe that this date was more of a placeholder. BlackBerry could generate some great sale if it makes it available at least one week before Christmas, or else, in the beginning of 2015.

blackberry passport red

The image above has been taken from Amazon’s servers which seems to be a real media render of the actual device. But as it turns out, even this is not the final design of the smartphones, voices saying that even more red could be added on the front and the top. Who knows, maybe some red tents will be found on the back, as well, because the picture doesn’t show its derrière profile.

This wouldn’t be the first time when BlackBerry will have received a red smartphone, previous models including the red Curve 9360, Q5 Red, the red Curve 8330 and the limited Red developers edition Z10. But in most of these situations, the red option was released much later than the official launch, and with a clear purpose of reigniting flattening sales.

But there’s hope for BlackBerry, because even if the Passport looks a little bit odd, it does come with some innovative and unique features. And let’s hope that painting it red will attract the curiosity of shoppers.

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