Opera Mini Expands its Strong Presence in Eastern Asia

Opera Mini is one of the most useful browsers for mobile devices – smartphones and tablets, when it comes to fast loading web pages. That’s why it has been chosen to land on Samsung Gear S smartwatches, as well.

Also, the popular browser has recently released significant updates for its Windows Phone and iPhone/iPad client apps. Also, Microsoft is said to launch smartphones at a certain point next year with Opera Mini pre-loaded. So, as we can see, they are enjoying great success these days.

The most recent news related to Opera Mini is the fact that it has partnered with Telenor carrier in Myanmar in order to help relieve bandwidth overload. Under new government, Myanmar is seeing one of the fastest growths when it comes to mobile connections and this involves Opera, as well.

The Opera Mini technology optimizes and compresses Web pages requested by users in their own servers before sending them to the users’ mobile devices, which results in a faster and smoother mobile browsing experience. Thus, by reducing data usage, this saves mobile data costs for the users and diminishes network load for the telecom operator.

opera mini eastern asia

Opera has a strong presence in Asia, being used daily by millions of users in India, China and many other countries in Eastern Asia, as well. Opera is backing up claims of its solid presence across Asian countries with bare facts.

Opera says that Opera Mini is being used by more than 30 million Indonesian monthly active users, with a quarter of them being smartphone users, especially Android. Lars Boilesen, Opera Software’s CEO, stated the following:

“There are more and more Indonesian citizens who get connected to Internet via their own devices, and we believe that Opera Mini is the fastest and easiest browser available in the market”

What do you think about Opera Mini so far? Do you find it better than other browsers or not so much?

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