Nokia’s Here app arrives on iOS devices

Nokia’s maps and navigation app for iOS which is called Here in now available on Apple’s App Store and can be used on the iPhone and iPad. This new app allows users to find local places, get directions and basic navigation features.

It is not the best navigation solution and many features which are available on Nokia Drive for Windows Phone are not present on this application. It has an offline mode which allows users to download the map of a particular area. One can use this when a Wi-Fi connection is available download the map of the area and hence save up on data costs. However, users can only save map data of one area at any given time and downloading a new one replaces the earlier map.

It has a turn-by-turn voice navigation only for pedestrian mode while in other modes it simply shows the directions. Last week Nokia released a web app for the same and this operates pretty similar to that application.

While it may not be the best navigation solution the maps have a lot of useful information. It is now way in league with Nokia Drive or Google Maps, but does seem like a good solution. It is available for free for iOS via the iTunes App Store.

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