Nokia HERE Maps Gets Nice Updates for Android and Windows Phone Users

A while back we talked about the fact that the official Nokia Here Maps app has finally landed on Android smartphones and tablets and now it seems that the software has received its first important update, already.

The most recent updates are available for Windows Phone users, as well. The biggest feature is called “building footprints” and is available in only 12 countries for the moment, showing the outline of individual buildings in numerous cities from several countries.

With this new features, Nokia HERE Maps will add extra details to the map, which will make it richer in details and will thus looks much more interactive. It’s aimed both at drivers, but just about anybody who needs to use it. Here’s what Nokia had to say about this new features:

“Lately we’ve been showing the outlines of individual buildings in a growing number of cities – they’re actually already available in 11 countries in Europe and in the USA – with Belgium, Denmark, Italy and The Netherlands now added to the total with this latest release. These ‘building footprints’, as they’re called, add extra detail to the map and can help you orient yourself more easily, especially when you’re on foot.”

nokia here maps app update android windows phone

The Nokia team has also released a specific update for Chicago residents, where the automatic algorithm that connects transit stops with each other has been improved with more geographical accuracy. Let’s hope that they will do this for many other major cities across the world.

The latest version of Maps brings additional layers of info that are used to describe the attributes of the roads and POIs, as well. It’s nice to see that all these new features are available to Android and Windows Phone users, as well.

In order to update, Windows Phone users just need to open the settings app on their device, then tap the applications tab > maps > check for updates. and then click on the maps to update. Android users will just get a notification when it’s time to go in and update.

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