No Man’s Sky Patch matching the standards expected by players


The game “No Man’s Sky” is both a console and PC game that consists of space exploration and identification of new planets. Because the game promised so many features, and gave players the option to explore a vast universe, the game started being hyped up by everyone. As the hype is surrounding it, everyone bought the game, but when players realized that many of Hello Games promises were not kept, and the game did not implement every feature they were showcasing they all sent out bad feedback. One player even sued the game company for false advertising.

Even if No Man’s Sky has gathered so much hate from the gaming community, Sony still believes in the game. Sony has plans to release some new tweaks and updates for the impressive space exploration game that Hello Games has produced.

In an official statement, the president of Sony, Shuhei Yoshida has stated that the biggest part in No Man’s Sky failure was the bad PR strategy they used. Hello Games did not actually have someone employed specially to manage the promotional strategies they used.

Another Sony Executive, Shawn Laden has said that he also believes that No Man’s Sky can be rebounded, and that Hello Games are still working on reaching the games intended vision. The Sony Executive has praised Hello Gamers for creating this unique concept of game generated worlds, and the fact that the team was only made from six people and they still managed to accomplish their goal.

Laden has also confirmed the fact that Hello Games and Sean Murray are working on a new patch right now, and that they are hoping this new patch is going to bring the game to the standards players expected it to be.

All we can do right now is to wait for Hello Games to release their highly anticipate patch, and see if they will implement online features. Because these features are demanded the most by players.

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