Nexus 6P Flows Through With Android 7.1.1 Nougat Update


Starting December 6th Nexus 6P residents of Australia that own a Nexus 6P device will receive the highly anticipated Android 7.1.1 Nougat OS update. The information has been confirmed by Vodafone Australia and the 7.1.1 OS update will also be sent out to the Huawei-made Google Pixel. The new Android 7.1 version was launched during Google’s last Pixel Event and Android users have been longing for it ever since.

The update will be rolled out first to carrier devices because Google allows network carriers to get their hands on updates way earlier than everyone in order to test the update and see if it’s working accordingly. U.S. based network carriers such as Verizon and Sprint are also expected to launch the update and taking in consideration that Australia is 18 hours ahead of the U.S. the update will be released on December 5th for U.S. residents.

Owners of Nexus 6P and Pixel devices are enthusiastic about the upcoming Android OS update because it will bring them many new features such as Google DayDream VR which allows Android users to experience virtual reality media content and games. The interface will receive some changes as well and app shortcuts will sport a rounder look, similar to the ones iOS use. Because Pixel is Google’s latest device, it will receive the exclusive “raise to wake” and “tap to wake” feature.

The operating system isn’t big in size, it only has 650MB but it’s very important because it increases the capabilities of what Android operated devices can do. The build number for the update is NMF26F, and this reveals to us that a new security patch is included, this was to be expected since Google is releasing a new security patch every month.

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  1. Might wanna check your sources/research. Huawei refused to manufacture the Pixel devices because it would not bear any Huawei logos, so the bid went to HTC to mass produce all the Pixel devices.

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