MacBook 2017 Version with 32GB of RAM and Reduced Prices

MacBook 2017 Version with 32GB of RAM and Reduced Prices

A new research report has been published by Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst for KGI Securities. The new report pointed out that Apple’s MacBook line is going to flourish in 2017, the price for both old and new MacBooks are going to be reduced and they will support 32GB of RAM.

One of Apple’s marketing techniques is to give a high price for upgraded models, such as MacBook Pro and MacBook Air before the launch takes place and then as the year goes along they reduce prices to almost half percentage of the initial buying price. Another reason that the new MacBook line is going to have success is because they will come with USB-C type ports, and new software that uses the Touch Bar making the product more appealing to the customer.

The time period when the new MacBook Pro 32GB of RAM is going to be released is supposedly going to be around the second half of 2017, according to Ming-Chi Kuo. The analyst also stated that Apple can release their product around this time period only if Intel manages to launch their Cannonlake processors first.

The reason why MacBook pro is depended on Intel’s launch of Cannonlake is because the new processors will come with a 15-25% less power consumption of LPDDR 4 in comparison with LPDDR 3. If Intel do not release their processors on time, Apple will have to use Coffe Lake that is viable with only LPDDR 3 and this means the maximum DRAM support is going to remain 16GB.

Apple’s customers are mad with them because the new MacBook models have advanced processors and they still only support 16GB of RAM, but costs a lot more. Apple’s marketing chief Phil Schiller responded to customers feedback by saying that to have MacBook’s support more than 16GB of RAM, the notebook will consume way too much power, and regarding the price range he stated that Apple designs their products while focusing on user experience, not the price.

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