Microsoft quietly tests the Kinect at Oberoi Mall

The Microsoft Kinect has already launched worldwide and has got people of all ages excited. It is obvious that everyone enjoys casual gaming, and Kinect seems to be great for such gamers. It is also apparent that the number of casual gamers is way superior to the number of hardcore gamers, and hence the Kinect is a perfect fit for almost anyone. However, developers have mentioned that games for hardcore gamers will make their way to the Kinect, but there is still time. Anyways, more on this later.

Let us get back to what this post is all about. It looks like Microsoft is pulling it off again, first was the launch of the 250GB New Xbox 360, then the 4GB New Xbox 360 and now it is very obvious that we will soon see the Kinect. The guys have already started testing the controller free gaming peripheral. Microsoft got one of the devices quietly set up at the Oberoi Mall, Mumbai and some luck people got a brief experience of the launch titles.

Check out the video below:

Anyways, it looks like the device will soon be available in the Indian markets as Microsoft has now put it up for pre-order and they have also announced the prices, for more information on the Kinect pricing in India click here.

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