MacBook Pro 2016 Compatibility Issues for Thunderbolt 3 – Updated Version on the way

MacBook Pro 2016 Compatibility Issues for Thunderbolt 3

Ever since Apple made the announcement regarding the upgrade of the MacBook Pro series, there have been various reports of problems with the computers. Some of the issues that were reported before were, for example, the fact that the machine did not have a SD card slot, which puzzled many users. Moreover, there was a need of several other cables and tools if you want to connect to other Apple devices.

The accessory makes Plugable tested the device and showed that there is yet another problem with the new model of the MacBook Pro series, namely the fact that the devices are not compatible with any of the Thunderbolt 3 products that are now available on the market. The manufacturer declared that they ran several tests on the Thunderbolt 3 products and the USB-C connectivity, and they saw that the Displayport Adapter and the HDMI Adapter for the Thunderbolt 3 are not compatible with the latest products.

It seems that the problem resides in the controller chips found in the Thunderbolt 3 devices, the Texas Instruments. According to Plugable, Apple decided to cut off the compatibility between the older Thunderbolt 3 devices and the 2016 MacBook Pro models. However, the fact that Plugable found out this has lead to some delays in releasing a new Thunderbolt 3 Docking Station Apple was working on. As it seems, the company needs more time to make sure that this upcoming device will be compatible with the MacBook Pro.

We don’t know yet why Apple decided to make the Thunderbolt 3 devices available now on the market incompatible with the 2016 generation of MacBook Pros. The company simply declared that they have no comment on the complaint made by Plugable, but they assure fans that the newest products with Thunderbolt chipsets will be compatible indeed.

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